Premier Simpson releases ministerial mandate letters

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Yellowknife — June 13, 2024

Premier R.J. Simpson released mandate letters for all members of Cabinet today, which provide specific direction to each Minister on their individual responsibilities over the course of this government.

Each mandate letter sets out the Premier’s expectations for how Ministers will advance the 20th Legislative Assembly’s shared vision of a Northwest Territories (NWT) that thrives in all aspects, promotes the use and advancement of human and natural resources, establishes and maintains sustainable fiscal management, and advances cooperative governance with Indigenous governments.

The letters include specific direction for each Minister on departmental activities to support the achievement of departmental goals and the Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories 2023-2027.

Publicly releasing the letters reflects the GNWT’s commitment to make government more open and transparent, as stated in Cabinet’s Guiding Principles, and will help Members of the Legislative Assembly and the public hold Cabinet to account for the work they’ve committed to.


"By releasing these mandate letters, I reaffirm my dedication to openness and proactive governance. Each letter not only outlines the strategic directives for Cabinet Ministers but also serves as a promise to residents that we are committed to fostering a transparent, equitable, and thriving future for the Northwest Territories. Our commitment is to transform these plans into actions that will secure a sustainable and just future for all residents of the Northwest Territories.”

- R.J. Simpson, Premier of the Northwest Territories

Quick facts

  • The 20th Legislative Assembly is the fourth Assembly to post mandate letters publicly.
  • The Mandate Commitments are focused to ensure government efforts are concentrated on the Priorities, but broad enough to ensure there is space to incorporate guidance from and be responsive to Members of the Legislative Assembly, the public, Indigenous governments, communities, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.

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