Public Health Order remains for Hay River Mackenzie Place Apartments

Public Service Announcement

Hay River — December 16, 2019

The Public Health Order issued from the NWT Office of the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) on May 17, 2019 for the Hay River Mackenzie Place Apartment building continues to remain in place to protect individuals from potential health hazards.

Immediately after the fire at the apartment building on March 15, 2019, the building was evacuated and closed. The building has remained closed due to the confirmed presence of hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead, and mercury.  Water damaged materials have supported the growth of mould, which presents an additional hazard.

The Order was issued to the owner and representatives of Satdeo Inc. under the Health Hazard provisions of Section 11 of the Public Health Act.

As per the Order, the public is not to enter or occupy the building until identified health hazards are abated.  Off shift workers must also not be present in the building.  The owner must complete building remediation to meet safety requirements set by the Office of the CPHO. Until those actions have been completed and reviewed by the Office of the CPHO, the Order remains in effect.

Other Government of the Northwest Territories regulators continue to have Orders in place for the Hay River Mackenzie Place Apartment building until further notice: 

  • The Workers Safety and Compensation Commission has orders and directions relating to the safety of workers and any other individuals who may require access to the building.
  • The Office of the Fire Marshal (MACA) ordered the 11th floor, where the fire originated, remain closed as a result of the damaged fire alarm system. This alarm system remains damaged. The owner has also been ordered to repair balconies that are in poor condition.
  • The NWT Rental Office has a mandate to resolve landlord-tenant issues.
  • The Department of Infrastructure has issued a deficiency list to the owner to be corrected before power to all suites is restored.

No lifting of the Public Health Order will occur until safety requirements are completed and approved by the Chief Environmental Health Officer.


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