Tsiigehtchic Community Status Change

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — February 2, 2023

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) is starting the process to change the status of the community government of Tsiigehtchic from a Charter to a Hamlet in accordance with Section 9(2) of the Hamlets Act.

This change will result in two distinct and separate government structures: a hamlet council and a band council. As a Hamlet, the authority and operations of the community government would be more easily defined and separated, and all residents that are eligible to vote will be able to vote and or run for the Mayor and Councillor positions.

The process will include providing public notice, consulting with relevant persons and groups, and obtaining approval from 60 percent of voters in the proposed Hamlet.  The process will begin on February 2, 2023 with a 180 day public notice period and is anticipated to be complete in August 2023.

The next steps include a 90 day period where residents of the community can submit written concerns about this proposed change. The deadline to submit your written concerns is May 3, 2023. 

For more information please contact: Dana Moran, Regional Superintendent, Inuvik (Dana_Moran@gov.nt.ca)


For media requests, please contact:

Jay Boast

Senior Communications and Planning Advisor

Department of Municipal And Community Affairs

Government of the Northwest Territories


(867) 767-9162 ext. 21044