Yellowknife – May 24, 2022
Public Service Announcement

Minister of Health and Social Services, Julie Green, is seeking nominations for the role of Chairperson of the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services (NTHSSA) Leadership Council.

Yellowknife – May 10, 2022
Media Statement

Minister of Health and Social Services Julie Green issued the following statement:


Yellowknife – May 5, 2022
News Releases

The eighth annual Anti-Poverty Roundtable ended yesterday with a commitment by participants to increase safe and affordable housing, including for underhoused residents.

Yellowknife – May 4, 2022
Public Service Announcement

A strain of avian influenza that is highly contagious among birds is currently spreading from the United States into southern Canada.

Yellowknife – May 2, 2022
Public Service Announcement

Today is the first day of Mental Health Week - a yearly event celebrated across Canada.

From May 2nd to May 8th, the Canadian Mental Health Association is running a campaign to inform Canadians about how to support and empathize with those struggling with mental wellness.

Yellowknife – April 13, 2022
News Releases

Julie Green, Minister of Health and Social Services, is pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of the $1.75 million Anti-Poverty Fund. This year, 64 grants were awarded to community, Indigenous and non-profit organizations to help overcome and reduce poverty by addressing root causes.

Yellowknife – April 7, 2022
Public Service Announcement

The first confirmed case of Influenza in the past two years was recently reported to the OCPHO. This case serves as a reminder, that despite the lifting of COVID-19 health restrictions, respiratory viruses will continue to pose a risk to residents’ health.

Yellowknife – April 5, 2022
Public Service Announcement

The Department of Health and Social Services is seeking feedback from Indigenous governments, organizations that work with children, youth and families at risk as well as the public on proposed key elements that will inform amendments to the Child and Family Services Act.

Yellowknife – April 1, 2022
News Releases

Effective today, the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Extended Health Benefits Policy has been amended to include an appeal process. An appeal process is critical to ensuring decisions are made fairly, and the Policy is applied consistently.

Yellowknife – March 31, 2022
News Releases

As announced previously by Health and Social Services Minister Julie Green, the Public Health Emergency and associated public health orders will be lifted on Friday, April 1st at 12:00 a.m.