Yellowknife – July 21, 2021
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R.J. Simpson, Minister of Justice, today announced that the Hamlet of Fort Liard has been selected to host the Community Safety Officer Pilot Program.

Yellowknife – February 4, 2021
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Check against delivery

Yellowknife – January 27, 2021
News Releases

Today the Minister of Justice, R.J. Simpson, announced new regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act to replace those put in place on April 9, 2020 to help tenants impacted by COVID-19.

Yellowknife – January 12, 2021
Media Statement

Diane Archie, Minister of Infrastructure issued the following reaction on behalf of the Government of the Northwest Territories to news about Air Canada route changes:

Yellowknife – June 12, 2020
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

In the Northwest Territories, we entrust the RCMP with the responsibility to support every citizen’s rights to safety and security; and, we also entrust them with the right to take away a citizen’s liberty in response to unlawful activity. That is a tremendous power and responsibility.

Yellowknife – June 11, 2020
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Check Against Delivery


Yellowknife – June 10, 2020
News Releases

Minister of Justice Caroline Wawzonek released a third-party program evaluation and social return on investment (SROI) study on the Integrated Case Management Pilot Program in Yellowknife. 

Yellowknife – April 22, 2020
Media Statement
Caroline Wawzonek, Minister of Justice and Attorney General for the Northwest Territories, issued the following statement today in response to questions about inmates being released during the COVID-19 pandemic:
Yellowknife – March 14, 2020
Media Advisory

The top priority for the Government of the Northwest Territories  (GNWT) is the health and safety of Northwest Territories (NWT) residents, and we are taking proactive measure to be prepared to respond to COVID-19 as the situation evolves.

Yellowknife – March 12, 2020
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

Mr. Speaker, as Minister of Justice one of my responsibilities is to set the objectives, priorities and goals of the Territorial Police Service.