Financial Support

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  • Many home insurance policies will cover costs associated with evacuations, usually up to 72 hours. Your policy may vary, so contact your home insurance provider to see what is covered.
  • Most home and tenant insurance policies also include coverage for additional living expenses to cover the cost of hotel/lodging and other living expenses like food and laundry if you are unable to return to your home due to wildfire or a mandatory evacuation order.

Disaster Financial Assistance

  • Disaster Assistance is only available for specific disaster events where the application of the GNWT Disaster Assistance Policy has been approved by the Executive Council.  
  • A key factor in assessing Disaster Financial Assistance eligibility is the availability of insurance. Affordability of insurance is not a factor in assessing eligibility under the GNWT’s Disaster Assistance Policy or the federal government’s Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements. Property owners are urged to seek insurance as part of overall emergency preparedness. 
  • Disaster assistance will not cover all costs associated with a disaster in the NWT, but will provide compensation for essential needs where private insurance does not. 
  • Find out if you're eligible and learn how to apply:

Emergency Evacuation Relief Program 

  • The Emergency Evacuation Relief Program (EERP) provides one-time financial support to help mitigate the immediate costs associated with evacuations due to natural disasters such as wildfires and flooding.
  • This program is designed to swiftly address the immediate needs for accommodation and essentials during such critical times. 
  • Learn more and apply for the Emergency Evacuation Relief Program.