Funding Programs

You can narrow down funding opportunities based on who you are (eligibility) and what kind of funding you are looking for (category). Choose some options from the lists below and press go.


Funding for schools and community-based organizations enhance programs or create new physical activities for school-aged children.
Funding is available to support almost all agriculture and agri-food projects in the NWT.
The Anti-Poverty Fund is intended to support partner’s Anti-Poverty initiatives that demonstrate tangible action towards the reduction of poverty in the NWT.
Creating economic opportunities for NWT artists to showcase talents and sell work outside of the Territory.
This program provides economic support for professional artists and arts organizations, to develop new product inventory for sale and export.
Funding for arts organizations for staffing, program administration, and costs related to operating galleries/art spaces.
This program provides funding to allow businesses in the NWT to connect with conferences, tradeshows, and seminars that are needed to build the business.
Rent subsidy is available to help with rental costs.
The Child Care Fee Reduction Subsidy provides funding to licensed early learning and child care programs to reduce child care fees charged to families and enhance child care affordability in the Northwest Territories.
Funding for community groups for programs that focus on healthy childhood development, physical literacy, resiliency, and mental health.
This program provides funding to support the expansion and modernization of commercial fisheries in the NWT.
The Community Access Program (CAP) provides financial contributions to communities toward the construction or maintenance of access roads, trails, docks and wharves.
This program provides funding to organizations that are looking to advance regional economic development initiatives.
This grant provides financial assistance to community governments that host evacuees who do not go to a designated Evacuation Centre.
Funding for hunters and trappers to offset capital and operating costs of harvesting activities.
Funding to support community organized searches for missing persons in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
This program provides funding for community-based suicide prevention activities in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
This program provides funding to qualified organizations to hire and maintain community tourism coordinators.