How to Write Your Cover Letter

A cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the Selection Committee and add your voice to your application.  The cover letter is used by the Selection Committee when reviewing your resume.  If the posting indicates a cover letter is not required, then do not submit one as it will not be read.

The cover letter should:

  • State your Affirmative Action status;
  • Include the Job Posting Number referenced in the job posting;
  • Focus on how your experience and education make you a good candidate for the position;
  • Highlight the relevant skills you have that are listed in the job posting or description;
  • Address willingness statements (such as being willing to travel);
  • List certifications (such as a valid driver's license) that relate to the qualifications of the position;
  • Include other relevant information (for example, contact information if you will be on vacation);
  • Be short, concise and keep it to one page;
  • Not contain acronyms;
  • Be addressed to the Selection Committee; and
  • Not contain grammar and spelling errors.