The GNWT phones, websites and email will not be accessible starting Saturday, May 15 at 10:30pm through Sunday, May 16 at 7:00am. 9-1-1, 811, and phones for Stanton Territorial Hospital and Inuvik Hospital will continue to work.

Submit an Application

  1. Click "Apply for Job" in the top right corner of the eRecruit job posting.

  2. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking the box.  Click Next.
  3. Answer the Prequalifying questions and then click Next.

  4. Click the "Upload a Resume & Cover Letter" button.  Please remember you must upload your resume and cover letter as one document.

  5. Click "My Device" and select the resume and cover letter file from your computer.  Then click "Open".

  6. Click upload to save the document in the eRecruit system.   After the upload is complete click "Done" and then Next.

  7. Answer the questions in the referral section and click Next.

  8. Review the information and answer the self-identification questions. Click Next.

  9. Review the information entered into your application and, if satisfied, click "Submit" to complete the application process.