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Terrestrial Garter Snake

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The terrestrial garter snake is grey, or brown to greenish in colour with light orange/yellow stripes on its back. It has distinguished from the red-sided garter eight scales on the upper lip and no red bars between the back and side stripes. This distinguishes it from the red garter snake.

The terrestrial garter snake can grow between 45 and 107 cm. Females do not lay eggs. They give birth to live young.

Also called the western wandering garter, this slender snake is primarily active in the day and is harmless to humans.

Terrestrial Garter Snake
Terrestrial Garter Snake


The terrestrial garter snake, if present in the Northwest Territories, is probably confined to the Liard River Valley. While it is not as aquatic as some garter snakes, it most likely could be found near a body of water.