Amphibians and reptiles

NWT Amphibian Management Plan

The Northwest Territories (NWT) Amphibian Management Plan is available as of March 1, 2017.

Release of this document follows independent assessments completed by the NWT Species at Risk Committee (SARC) and consensus agreements from the Conference of Management Authorities (CMA), which has nine months to develop an agreement respecting implementation of the management plan.

More information on species at risk in the NWT can be found at

Amphibians and reptiles in the NWT

Six species of amphibians and two species of reptiles are believed to exist in the Northwest Territories.

The distribution and abundance of amphibians and reptiles in the NWT is restricted by the harsh climate. Short, cool summers reduce the time available for feeding, growth, and reproduction, whereas the long cold winters are a very real test of their ability to survive in the North. Differences in adaptation to cold weather appear to have direct consequences on distribution and abundance.

Amphibians and reptiles of the NWT are among the least studied and most poorly understood of those in any province or territory in Canada. More information is required on the distribution of all species in the NWT.

The limited extent of current knowledge on NWT amphibians and reptiles restricts the ability to make informed decisions regarding their conservation.

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