Recreational leasing management in the NWT

The Department of Environment and Climate Change is responsible for managing recreational leasing on public lands across the NWT.

After completing broad public engagement and consulting with Indigenous governments, the GNWT released its Recreational Leasing Management Framework on March 16 2017 (View the News Release in the GNWT Newsroom). The Framework articulates the GNWT’s goals and priorities with respect to the planning, management, administration, and issuance of leases for cabins and recreational uses.

By working on the goals and priorities listed in the Framework, the GNWT aims to:

  • Create greater consistency between the existing recreational leasing policies for Territorial and Commissioner’s Land so that there is a clear and consistent approach, and consistent lease terms and conditions for cabin leases on both Territorial and Commissioner’s Land.
  • Improve the process through which other uses of land are considered in decisions regarding the issuance of leases for cabins and recreational uses.
  • Support a diversity of outdoor settings and opportunities that recognize all land uses and rights, and collectively create a balance among various interests and users.
  • Update current leasing policies and procedures to reflect the vision and intent of the Land Use and Sustainability Framework, contribute to a comprehensive GNWT approach to land management, and to better align with existing GNWT strategies and initiatives.
  • Provide the public with readily available and clear information on leasing processes, rules, enforcement practices, and procedures for cabins and recreational uses.
  • Create a more effective process for cabin leases to discourage unauthorized occupancy.

You can read the full Recreational Leasing Management Framework online or download a copy of the Framework