Premier to Promote Circumpolar Cooperation in Finland

November 5, 2010 - Premier Floyd Roland will travel to Helsinki this weekend where he will deliver a key note address at the “Arctic Future – Cooperation in the Face of Change” seminar on November 8, 2010.

Given its importance to NWT residents, Premier Roland has become a leading proponent for building international understanding and cooperation on key issues impacting the Circumpolar North and promoting the importance of Northern decision making and cooperation in the face of growing global interest in the Arctic.

Next Steps Towards Devolution

November 4, 2010 - Premier Roland highlighted the next steps towards devolution today in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Speaker, the transfer of authority for public lands and resources to the Government of the Northwest Territories will create major benefits and opportunities for our people.

Approval of the proposed AiP will be a critical step in our negotiations with Canada, but it is just another step. It is not the final agreement and it will not be legally binding.

Aboriginal Participation in Devolution Negotiations

October 29, 2010 - Premier Floyd Roland says he hopes Aboriginal governments in the Northwest Territories will be prepared to take the next step in the process to advance a proposed Devolution Agreement-in-Principle (AiP).

The Premier presented a history of the AiP process to Members of the Legislative Assembly this morning. While the draft AiP is not binding, it provides the necessary parameters for negotiations leading to a final agreement on Devolution.

Devolution - Aboriginal Rights Agreements and Negotiations

October 26, 2010 - Premier Floyd K. Roland says concerns that Devolution will impact existing land claims and current land, resources and self-government negotiations are unfounded.

In the first of a series of statements he will make to clarify misconceptions and misinformation arising out of the leak of the proposed Agreement-in-Principle (AiP), the Premier refuted speculation that approval of a draft AiP will prejudice current Aboriginal rights negotiations or violate existing land claims agreements.


October 18, 2010 - The Premier of the Northwest Territories, Floyd K. Roland, provided NWT residents with an update on the progress that the Government of the Northwest Territories has made on devolution in the recent months.

Mr. Speaker, the Devolution of decision-making authorities over public lands and water from Canada to the Northwest Territories has been a matter of debate and negotiation for much of my lifetime.

Fiscal Strategy to a Sustainable Future – Miltenberger

YELLOWKNIFE (October 15, 2010) - With a period of growth now forecast in the NWT economy, the Government of the Northwest Territories’ fiscal strategy will maintain a tight rein on spending growth while reducing capital investment over time to historical levels.

In his fiscal and economic update to Members of the Legislative Assembly, Minister of Finance J. Michael Miltenberger says the GNWT’s fiscal strategy will see the NWT through uncertain times and return it to a sustainable fiscal path in coming years.