Effective April 1, 2023: the Departments of Lands and Environment and Natural Resources have merged into one.

Programs and Services

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The ATLAS system is a user-friendly mapping tool that provides information about parcels of land in the Northwest Territories.
Information on stewardship, protection and sustainable management of forest resources in the NWT.
Provides Northwest Territories trappers with access to the international fur auction market for fur harvested in the NWT
Information on getting a fishing licence in the Northwest Territories.
Bulletins updating on water levels, water flow, and snow surveys
Information about the Giant Mine Remediation Project in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
Information about description, distribution, habitat, harvest and human interactions with Grizzly bears in the NWT.
Information on guidelines for managing the environment in the Northwest Territories.
How you can do your part and harvest with respect in our territory.
Have your say on the Community Harvesters Assistance Program (CHAP) and the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program (GMVF).
Information on Hunter Education training in the NWT.
Information about description, distribution, habitat and different species of insects and spiders in the NWT.
Information about invasive alien species, their harm, and how to keep they from spreading in the Northwest Territories.
“Securities” are funds or financial assurances supplied by authorized users of public land and water, and held by government, to ensure there is money available to clean up a site, if needed.
Lease rent payments are due annually on the anniversary of the start date of the surface disposition.
The GNWT supports land use planning to guide decision-making about what activities should take place on public lands in the Northwest Territories.
Information about legislation and regulations affecting NWT residents
Information about ECC's current legislative initiatives.