Environment and Natural Resources

GNWT hosts Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Forum

On March 28-30, northern harvesters are invited to the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur forum (GMVF) at the Chief Drygeese Centre in Dettah.

This gathering brings together people involved in the NWT fur industry to exchange knowledge, discuss ways to support and enhance the GMVF program, and contribute to the growth and resilience of the northern traditional economy. Each day of the forum features a different theme: where we are now, where we are going, and how we get there.

Shane Thompson: Introducing the Department of Environment and Climate Change

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Mr. Speaker, in May 2022 our government announced the merger of the departments of Lands and Environment and Natural Resources. 

Post-devolution, the merger is an important step to evolve the resource management, regulatory, and security responsibilities that are linked but currently split between the two departments.

Large spill within Diavik containment pond; no release into the environment

Diavik Diamond Mine (March 21, 2023) – The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has been made aware of a “mine-impacted water” spill at the Diavik Diamond Mine, located 300km northeast of Yellowknife.

Diavik reported a spill of 450,000 cubic metres of water used in mining operations on March 16th, 2023. The spill was caused by breakage in a pipeline which transports mine-impacted water.

Shane Thompson: Caribou: Take Action Today for the Future

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Mr. Speaker, caribou have sustained Northerners and communities across the Northwest Territories for generations.

Today, caribou herds face pressure from a wide range of natural factors and human activity throughout their range, including the impacts of climate change. We all want to see healthy caribou herds that can sustain harvest and cultural traditions for generations to come.  

Shane Thompson: Lack of Transparency Around Spills at Kearl Oil Sand Development North of Fort McMurray

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Mr. Speaker, water is life: for Indigenous peoples who have relied on it since time immemorial; for residents who rely on it today for clean drinking water; and for the thousands of species that live and thrive in our North because of it.

I rise today to speak on a disturbing issue that has come to our attention in the past 24- hours.

Shane Thompson: Advancing the Conservation Network in the Northwest Territories

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Mr. Speaker, this government is committed to working with Indigenous governments and Indigenous organizations on conservation in the Northwest Territories. 

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has spent the last three years implementing establishment agreements, drafting site-specific regulations, and establishing management boards for existing territorial protected areas, Thaidene Nene and Ts’ude Nilįné Tuyeta.

Have your say on the NWT’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is seeking input from Indigenous governments, Indigenous organizations, residential school survivors, including survivors of intergenerational trauma, and residents of the NWT to explore how to best acknowledge and support the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in future years.

Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę Government, Government of the Northwest Territories and Canada Advance the Sahtú K’aowe (Great Bear Lake watershed) Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area

The attached is being distributed on behalf of the Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę Government, Government of Canada, and Government of the Northwest Territories.