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Candidate protected areas


There are currently five candidate protected areas. Dinàgà Wek'èhodì is currently being advanced as a candidate protected area under the Protected Areas Act in the Northwest Territories. Ejié Túé Ndáde, Ka'a'gee Tu, Łue Túé Sųlái, and Sambaa K’e and were identified as candidate protected areas under the former Protected Areas Strategy.

Proposed protected areas become candidate areas under the Protected Areas Act once they are: 

  • Nominated by an individual, organization, or government

  • Approved as a candidate by the territorial government.

Candidate areas under the Protected Areas Act have interim protection – meaning activities that can happen within the area are restricted (i.e. resource development or other industrial activities) — and the work to fully implement the protected area begins between the territorial government, any other levels of government involved, and Indigenous governments and Indigenous organizations. Boundaries may change during this process.

Candidate protected areas


View : a map of established and candidate areas under the Protected Areas Act.


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