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2022 NWT Conservation Network Gathering

About the Gathering

The two-day conference brought together 120 people, representing NWT Indigenous governments, Indigenous organizations, environmental NGOs, academics, the GNWT and guests from the Innu Nation to learn from each other and build capacity within the NWT conservation network.

Overview of 2022

The theme this year was Breaking Trail: Building Capacity and Resilience within the Conservation Network.

Whether traveling by snowmachine, dog team, on foot, or coming together around the board room table or online, working together and learning from each other is essential to making progress. The purpose of this gathering is to learn from others who have broken trail before and create connections with those who are on a similar journey. The main themes were management planning and Indigenous law, language revitalization and place name mapping, and guardians and climate change.

Topics will include:

  • Language Revitalization,
  • Place Name Mapping,
  • Management Planning and Indigenous Law
  • Guardians and Climate Change


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See 2022 speaker biographies here.

Tuesday, May 3

  • Communication techniques workshop: Creative Narratives and Connections
  • Well-being and cultural continuity workshop: Our Next Steps Towards Human Wellbeing, Cultural Continuity & Conservation - A Partnership for the Protected and Conserved Areas Network of the Northwest Territories

Wednesday, May 4

  •  Arrival
  •  Welcome
  • Presentation: Gonaowo
  • Panel: Gwaii Haanas Management Planning
  • Sharing Circle: Management Planning and Indigenous Law
  • Sharing Circle: Guardians and Climate Change
  • Panel: Recap of Day 1

Thursday, May 5

  • Arrival
  • Welcome and overview of Day 2
  • Presentation: Land Relationship and Planetary Well-being
  • Presentation: Community-centred Data Management, Stewardship and Sharing: Protocols, Practices and Tools for Guardians Programs
  • Presentation: Indigenous Youth On the Land/Water Programming in Schools and Community
  • Panel: Inspiration for Language Revitalization Through the Conservation Network
  • Gallery Walk: Place Names Mapping
  • Strengthening Partnerships: Network Planning and Financing
  • Workshop: Building a Protected Areas Stewardship Network
  • Closing and Prayer

Why it matters

This gathering supports a growing Community of Conservation Partners as we continue to build and implement the NWT Conservation Network.

Previous gatherings

See the overview and presentations from the NWT Conservation Network Gathering 2020 here.

For more information

You can read the 2022 Gathering Report here 

Video recordings and PowerPoint presentations from the event are available upon request.

Email: conservationplanning@gov.nt.ca